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The Hollycroft Foundation is a Connecticut-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing museum-level sculpture to the public, free of charge.  At its center are walkable exhibits of contemporary sculpture placed in and around public spaces.  Originally launched in 1992 as a single Sculpture Mile in the town of Ivoryton, the organization hit its stride upon expanding into Madison, where the Sculpture Mile received enthusiastic support and became a national attraction.  Today, sculpture installations in Madison, Clinton, New London, and Stonington are united under a single name: The Sculpture Shore.

The goal of the Hollycroft Foundation is to enrich communities through exposure to art. Besides providing unrestricted access to 50 linear miles of sculptures, the organization offers docent-led tours, school trips, lectures and tours of artists' studios.  The collection itself is tightly curated by a committee comprised of board members and experts in the field.  It includes the work of acknowledged masters, as well as promising newcomers.  For the artists, the Sculpture Shore provides the opportunity to showcase large-scale and sometimes site-specific outdoor works.  Although Hollycroft does not act as a dealer, sculptors are also able to sell their exhibited art.

Hollycroft is run by volunteers who report to a board of directors, headed up by Brian Wendler, president.  Funding comes from private and corporate contributions, membership fees, advertising, and occasional grants.


We promote sculptural literacy by providing novel exhibition opportunities for sculptors and by facilitating community engagement with art.


We look forward to expanding our geographical reach to more Shoreline towns and continuing to develop community access programs.

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